Earthquake Kahramanmaras: The Devastation


 A Disaster 5,000 miles away

The earthquake that hit both Turkey and Syria was a disaster. Many of us might know very little, if not nothing, about this. And that’s because, unlike the other events that happen in the world like the Russia and Ukraine war, these countries aren’t given as much attention. 

On February 6th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Syria. It was 4 am on a Monday when a strong earthquake shook the citizens out of their beds. It was so strong to the point where it sent tremors to neighboring countries like Lebanon and Palestine. The buildings collapsed and many families were trapped under the rubble. Not everyone made it out alive and many babies were found with no family. The rescues that were sent from neighboring countries took DAYS to pull people out of the rubble. Imagine being trapped underground with no food, water, heat or even clean air to breath.

According to Reuters, there were at least 24 million people affected. At least 2.2 million people displaced. At least 118 thousand people were injured and about 50 thousand people died.


This graveyard is marked with the fresh graves of earthquake victims.


The Aftershocks:

Not too long after the initial earthquake, a series of aftershocks struck the region, raising fear and helplessness in the hearts of the people who just barely survived. The AFAD reported that more than 11,000 aftershocks have hit the region. The aftershocks just keep increasing the number of people who are affected in both countries.

The Impact: 

Both countries suffered severely from this, but given the state that Syria has been in for years, it’s probably safe to say that it is in need of the most help right now. Syria has been at war for 12 years now, and many refugees have fled to all neighboring countries, mainly Lebanon and turkey where they’ve been living in refugee camps. Besides the civil war that they have been going through since 2011, Syria is number 9 on the list of countries facing a humanitarian crisis. Turkey, however, still has a stable government that is able to help its country.

Help is needed now: 

The World Health Organization says that 26 million people need assistance across both countries. A lot of funding will be needed to repair all of the homes that these people have lost, so if you can donate the smallest amount that will be very helpful.  



Note: This tragedy has happened to those people, but it can happen to anyone at any moment. So let us take a moment to reflect on our lives and be grateful for the things that we have that others might not.