A Valentines Special


Candy Grams! A staple during Valentine’s season. Is it so those who are lonely don’t feel lonely or is it simply because it is the season of love. 

The 11th grade student council is planning on selling candy grams this year in hopes to fundraise for the end of the year trip to club getaway. Now to the specifics; the candy grams for the 11th grade will cost 2 dollars a bag. You can order as many as you’d like. A couple 11th graders including myself will be walking around during advisory periods to take orders. You will need to give your name, grade, how many orders you’d like, and who the bag will go too. The great thing is that the candy gram can be anonymous for all of you who are scared of confrontation.  

The 9th grade on the other hand will be having a Valentines day dance this Friday, February 10th in the cafeteria from 5-8pm. 

As for the 10th grade, they are selling Valentine’s Day themed gifts. REAL roses which are pretty nice, and cupcakes. The cupcakes are $1.50 and the roses vary depending on the amount. 1 rose will cost $2, 3 roses have a cost of $5.

It seems as if competition is rising between the 10th grade and 11th grade business. Who do you think will make more money? 

It also seems like the 12th grade seniors are the only ones not celebrating the love season… What’s that about?